0b643c_25eb044d6f1d4943a44ebe8381f019a0.jpeg_srz_192_320_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpeg_srzwould hate to bore you with a conventional bio but I also think the witty, non-conformist bios can be a bit tedious and narcissistic so I’ll try to condense it all into one. I’m a writer (duh) of all sorts of books but my first love has always been and will remain to be children’s literature. My children’s picture book, originally written for my mother who is a fourth grade teacher, is an educational, fictional tale concerning static electricity. I’ve written four, completed and edited novels for Young Adults and Middle Graders. They’re all fantasy or science fiction or a combination of both. A few people have seen them and hopefully millions more will in the future.   I was an English & American Lit and Creative Writing Major at Middlebury College. I’m also a Math Minor (wooh! calculus is my second love). I wrote my critical english thesis on literary allusions to the canon in science fiction and fantasy, and my creative thesis was a middle grade novel. I swam on varsity, club and national swim teams my entire life. I lived in eight different places before I turned eleven. I’ve worked countless jobs (editor, junior agent, tutor, teacher, lifeguard, coach). I’m a writer and a reader and, when I write my own stories, I read them too.   I love coffee and chocolate chips, and hate bananas. I’m allergic to grass and trees and sunburn easily. I also hate the beach. I love my characters. I feel strongly about lots of things. Words are my air (and sometimes, my carbon monoxide). So check out my links and, dear reader, come breathe with me.

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