Nuwa and the Great Wall

In this re-imagination of the age-old Chinese myth of Nuwa and the wall of heaven, Nuwa and her pet turtle discover that The Great Wall of China near their village is about to collapse. Fearing the emperor’s wrath, Nuwa and her turtle set off on a quest to rebuild the wall and restore peace to the kingdom.


0b643c_de8d3b7aa5964a63953700d95e284071.jpg_srz_p_269_374_75_22_0.50_1.20_0The Naming of Lan Caihe

As the companion picture book to Nuwa and the Great Wall, The Naming of Lan Caihe reinvents the myth of the eighth immortal. Set in the mythical garden of Mount Penglai, two orphan children challenge the fates as they follow a royal caravan to the summit of the immortal mountain.


0b643c_6824827a84124c36b0a1bb60b2156ffe.png_srz_p_266_406_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Stacia’s Sticky Situation

It’s an Educational Picture Book published by MeeGenius Books in July 2013.

Written for children ages 0-11, the picture book seeks to provide kids with a fun, easy way to learn science in a fictional tale about Stacia and her interaction with static electricity.